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  • Bryan R. Shearer, Owner

    Bryan is passionate about numbers and how that correlates to success in your business or personal life. Being a lover of numbers his entire life, Bryan naturally wanted a career that involved numbers, but he also loved helping people understand how numbers affect their business and their everyday lives. That is why he became an accountant, and it is what drives him every day to do the best he can to help his clients.

    Bryan has extensive experience in the accounting industry, working in both public and private accounting. In public accounting, he helped a variety of small businesses with their bookkeeping, payroll, sales tax, fuel tax, accounts receivable, financial statements and anything else they needed help with. His small business experience includes doctors, lawyers, financial advisors, small manufacturers, retail stores, delivery services, hair salons, landscaping, construction, rental services, eye professionals, chiropractors, trucking companies and many other various small businesses. Also, during tax season, he helped businesses, individuals and individuals with side businesses prepare their income taxes, no matter their corporate structure or size.

    His experience in private accounting is also unique, as he has worked in cost accounting for an international manufacturing company and a large electrical/utility contractor. Both of these industries are vastly different in terms of capturing the true cost of what is being performed and gave Bryan great experience in knowing how to break this down to a level that management can analyze and track. Having this experience gives Bryan a unique perspective when looking at your business, as he is able to help you, if desired, to break down how to optimize your pricing points. Also, he is able to help you break down your profit margins and see where you can improve your efficiency in your business. This experience will directly lead you to be able to price your products/services more competitively and also gain efficiency at the same time.

    When Bryan is not busy crunching numbers, he enjoys time with his wife and four children who are involved in a ton of different activities. Bryan loves to help coach and volunteer for different programs that his children are in, such as football and soccer. If Bryan does get a few free moments, he enjoys to golf or just to catch a game of football or basketball on TV.