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  • Accounting Services

  • We offer quality accounting services in Hanover, PA and the surrounding area, and they cover a vast amount of different accounting services. Everyone seems to have a different opinion of what is an accounting or bookkeeping service, and we don't like to try and make those assumptions either. So, we will just talk about all the accounting and bookkeeping-related services that we offer.

    Financial statements are the core of traditional accounting services, meaning we provide you with accounting reports that help you in your business. These statements can be prepared for a multitude of reasons, such as getting a bank loan, looking at the health of your business or trying to determine the profitability of a specific service/product. These are all wonderful reasons to have financial statements prepared for your business on a quarterly basis.

    A question that we get a lot is, "Can't we just run the reports that are already in Quickbooks?" The short answer is yes, you can certainly do that. However, those reports are likely wrong in terms of generally accepted accounting principles, and you also do not know if they are reconciled properly. Expenses can be treated differently in Quickbooks, and to get an accurate picture, you should have an accountant look over your file and compile reports that reflect the true picture of your business.

    The normal services that typically fall under the accounting services category include:

    • Financial statements
    • Cost accounting analysis
    • Management advice based on financial reports
    • Analysis of reports and application to business
    • Payroll services
    • HR management and consultation
    • Implementing new software
    • General ledger review
    • Accounting assistance and training
    • Business start-up consulting as well as expansion consulting
    • Budgeting and forecasting
    • Employee benefits consulting
    • Inventory management
    • Various other related tasks

    Many services are also interchangeable between what is called accounting or bookkeeping services. We also offer bookkeeping services as well, such as:

    • Accounts payable
    • Accounts receivable
    • Sales tax
    • Invoicing
    • Bank account reconciliation
    • Credit card reconciliation
    • Bill paying service
    • Payroll tax deposits
    • Quarterly payroll tax reconciliation and filing
    • Unemployment tax filings

    So no matter what you need for your business, Shearer's Accounting & Tax Service can help. If you are in need of accounting in Hanover, PA, we can help you. We also offer accounting services outside Hanover, PA, as we cover all the local areas, such as accounting services in New Oxford, McSherrystown, York, Lancaster, Glenville, Glen Rock, Spring Grove, Littlestown and all other areas. Finally, we off a virtual accounting service for clients in other states as well.

    Schedule a free initial consultation online to see if we can help fit your needs, or simply contact us if you have any questions. Finally, give us a call if you have any other needs.