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  • Business Tax Service

  • Our business tax service for the Hanover, PA area is one of our top services, and there is a reason for that. Whether you are a sole proprietor or a C Corp, we can handle your business taxes. We specialize in helping businesses realize all the potential tax savings that they may be missing out on by not properly classifying or recording their transactions correctly. We love working with companies because we know that we can make a difference in how you run your company. Saving money on taxes is just one of the ways that we can help you maximize your tax savings and minimize your tax liability.

    Businesses of all sizes come to us in a variety of conditions. Some of them have all their accounting in order and in an accounting software and simply just need a business tax professional to help them properly file their taxes for their registered tax structure. This is rare to be honest, as it is normal for businesses to come to use when they need help. Most business owners are not accounting professionals, and we understand that. We know you are doing the best you can with your accounting records while trying to run and grow your business.

    In short, you are focusing on building your business the way you know how to, and accounting is secondary to that. That is why we are here. We can take the stress away from the accounting portion of your business and help you focus on what you love. In fact, that is why you got into business; to do what you love! You don’t want to spend time on taxes and accounting paperwork, so we help fill in that area of your business that you do not care to do.

    Many of our tax clients come to us with a side business that provides them additional income to their 9-5 job. Having a side business means a plethora of potential tax breaks, and knowing how to properly take advantage of them is crucial. You need to know the laws and how they work for you. Many people simply miss many critical tax deductions, while others overstate their deductions simply because they interpreted the tax code incorrectly. Also, another error we commonly see is taking advice from a friend or relative without consulting with a tax professional first.

    Finally, full-time business owners certainly need to contact us about potential tax savings. From your health insurance to hiring your spouse/children and many other potential tax breaks, you need to understand how to pay your fair share. We show you what you need to do within the tax code to reduce your tax liability.

    While we work with companies all across the United States and have the ability to do everything virtually, we also provide business tax service to Hanover, PA as well as all the surrounding areas. So, if you live in York, McSherrystown, Gettysburg, Fairfield, Glen Rock, Glenville, New Oxford, Spring Grove, Dover, East Berlin or any other great towns in the area, please give us a call. You can conveniently schedule an appointment online, send us a message first or give us a call at 717.639.2550.