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  • Payroll Services

  • If you have employees, then you know the most important thing in the world to your employees is their paycheck! Sure, they are great employees and they work hard for you, but at the end of the day, if they do not receive a paycheck or one in error, there are some major headaches for you. If that sounds familiar to you, contact us to see how we can help you with your payroll.

    We serve Hanover, PA payroll clients as well as remote ones as well in various states, and no business size is too small or large. We have worked with companies with one employee up to large retail franchises with multiple locations. 

    Also, if you do your own payroll already but are unsure about filing payroll taxes, we can handle that as well. On a monthly or quarterly basis, we can reconcile your employee files and file the appropriate monthly or quarterly payroll taxes.

    Contact us to get a quote on how much it costs for our payroll services. We will work with you whether you are a new business or an established business to get your payroll up and running in the right direction.